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My Cobalt Blues at C3 Contemporary, 2016

Porcelain, Cobalt, nepheline syenite, calcined alumina, plaster, wood, epoxy

The classic blue and white wares of Imperial Chinese porcelain is infamously iconic and has been vastly influential; from historical trade and production to modern day artistic inspiration. This luxury item became a global phenomenon and has been admired, imitated, adapted and perpetually translated into every the culture to which it arrives.  This personal reinterpretation of these classic ‘goods’  focuses on examining the beauty of the traditional Blue and White ceramic materials; where clay and glaze are no longer unified into a cohesive whole, but separated and assembled to create a landscape that is evocative of something both strangely familiar yet utterly bizarre.  By liberating the glaze from the clay body, a new sculptural terrain is established, enabling new forms to be engaged with and a fresh materiality to explore, towards transcending traditional perceptions of this cultural relic.

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