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Art of Dining 2019, Best of the Best

Danielle Brustman X Kay and Burton

at the NGV Great hall, by the NGV Woman's association

Commissioned by Danielle Brustman to create tableware and cutlery for the Kay and Burton Art of Dining table.

Danielle Brustman’s design draws inspiration from world-renowned French artist Yves Klein and iconic signature colour that he developed, International Klein Blue (IKB), a luminous blue that represents escape and infinity.

Brustman’s design pays homage to Klein, referencing several of his works, including a Perspex coffee table, with encapsulated blue pigment, designed in 1961 and a blue relief globe created in 1957. Pivotal to the table’s design is a revolving maquette of Cleopatra’s Needle, also a monument in Paris. Illuminated by blue light, it pays homage to an unfulfilled vision Klein had to bathe the entire obelisk in blue light in the 1960’s. At the eleventh hour, Klein received notice from the police commissioner that prevented him from doing so. 
Brustman has chosen clean monochromatic lines and surfaces to reflect Klein’s singular vision, paired with Jia Jia Chens’s textural and hand-beaten clay tableware.

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