Jia Jia Ji Chen

Residing in Melbourne, Australia 

Jia Jia Chen is a ceramicist whose interdisciplinary practise see her working across art, craft, design.

Her love food of wine and feasts have led her into the dynamic world of food; from food styling,

catering and designing custom ceramic tableware for ceremonial eating.  She has long held a deep interest in the connection between dining and memory, and how sharing food can nourish the soul. She has designed several food events and her thematic, immersive dinners focus on the sensory, they recontextualise eating, creating a sense of spectacle in homage to ancient feasting.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine arts and Honours in Ceramics at RMIT and is currently undertaking and Masters of Contemporary art at VCA in 2019. She was the recipient of the Future Leaders

Award at Craft Fresh! and has had several solo and group exhibitions.

Her projects include a commission for Speak Percussion; creating bespoke ceramic

percussive instruments for a visual/sound theatre piece performed at Artshouse and designing

the artwork and visual branding for the Supersense ‘festival of the Ecstatic’ at the Arts Centre 2017 & 2019.

Recently she collaborated with Danielle Brustman for Art of Dining 2019 at NGV and curated a exhibition and series of dinner events with Claire Lehmann for Melbourne Design week 2019 at Schoolhouse studios.




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