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But First We Eat

Part of NGV Design Week 2019 at Long Division Gallery, Schoolhouse Studios

curated by Claire Lehmann and Jia Jia Chen

Designers: Jia Jia Chen, Claire Lehmann, Claudia Lau, Alison Frith, Andrei Davidoff, Tessy King, Tobias Bolton, Kate Jones

In this age of digital hyper-connectivity and increasing social isolation, instead of looking
toward future design and technology, our focus is the historic importance of feasting and
communal eating for social connectivity.
Referencing the long, intimate history between ceramic design and food, staged ceremonial
dinners will showcase the ancient technique of baking food encased in clay alongside the
contemporary work of seven ceramic designers and one furniture maker.

Clay wrapped foods will be designed and sculpted into abstract and textural forms highlighting the materials earthy origins. Guests will be provided with tools to break open the handmade exterior to reveal the edible interior, which will remain a mystery until this act of destruction. After each dinner party the dining setting will be refreshed and remain open as an exhibition. All visitors to the exhibition will be offered the opportunity to decorate
their own ceramic cup to be collected at exhibition close.

Design Week Proposal for viewing here: 

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