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Assembly Operation by Speak Percussion

- Internationally recognised as a leader in the fields of experimental and contemporary classical music, Speak Percussion are constantly redefining the parameters of percussion.Assembly Operation brings together three percussionists who dutifully form an assembly line to extract exquisite sound from three iconic representations of Chinese culture: paper, ceramics and low-fi electronics. Each section draws upon the visual, sonic and conceptual qualities of the famed Chinese one yuan note. 

A collaborative project with Eugene Ughetti of Speak Percussion to create a set of bespoke ceramic and polystyrene instruments to perform on stage as part of Assembly Operation.   Creative development was focussed around exploring and the aural qualities of ceramics- an incredibly tactile and resonant material.  Individual ceramic components are performed and then assembled to create a historical stupa in reference to the imagery of the one yuan note.

Performed at Arts House, Nt Melbourne 2017

and Oz Asia Fesitval, Adelaide 2018 

Re-exhibited as part of 'How it Plays: Innovations in Percussion ts at the Percy Grainger Museum 2019

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